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A National Curriculum of Fundamental Skills for Plastic Surgery Residency: Report of The Inaugural ACAPS Boot Camp

Davidson EH, Egro FM, Krajewski A, Janis JE, Nguyen VT
University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

Presenter: Francesco M. Egro MD, MSc, MRCS

Vu T. Nguyen

Director Name: Vu T. Nguyen

Author Category: Resident Plastic Surgery
Presentation Category: Clinical
Abstract Category: General Reconstruction

Following the success of the inaugural American Council of Academic Plastic Surgeons (ACAPS) Plastic Surgery Boot Camp in July 2015, the second annual ACAPS Plastic Surgery Boot Camp program was improved based upon the previous year's evaluations; including expansion to three regional sites, standardized presentations, streamlining evaluations, increased time spent in practical sessions, and implementation of a new microsurgical training model. The aim of this study is to present the results of the second ACAPS Boot Camp.

A total of 36 residents (27 Integrated / 6 Independent) attended the Boot Camp in Pittsburgh in July 2016, representing 16 residency programs across 13 states. Faculty consisted of 8 local personnel. Lecture topics and practical sessions covered the full spectrum of plastic surgery. All trainees completed pre- and post- evaluation surveys.

Participant responses were overwhelmingly positive and improved from the previous year. A total of 96% (from 72%) of respondents rated the overall Boot Camp between 8‐10 on a 1‐10 scale; 100% (from 90%)of respondents rated the success in meeting the stated objectives between 4-5 on a 1‐5 scale; 90% (from 80%) of respondents rated level of learning as appropriate between 4-5 on a 1‐5 scale. Respondents reported an increase in comfort and confidence across topics after attending the Boot Camp. The new microsurgical model and standardized curriculum were well accepted. Instructors received positive evaluations across all topics.

The Second Boot Camp offered an improved curriculum demonstrated by an improvement in performance by attendance compared to the previous year.

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