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Pediatric Odontogenic Tumors: A perspective on management

Haithem Elhadi Babiker, MD, Brian Pan, MD; Raquel Ulma, MD; Maleeh Effendi, MD; Prachi Lele, BS
Cincinnati Children's Hospital and Medical Center

Presenter: Prachi Lele

Haithem Elhaldi-Babiker, MD

Director Name: Haithem Elhaldi-Babiker, MD

Author Category: Medical Student
Presentation Category: Clinical
Abstract Category: Craniomaxillofacial

Pediatric odontogenic tumors are rare and account for 12.7% of all odontogenic tumors. Because of their rarity, there is no consensus on their management. Moreover, tumors in the pediatric population present several dilemmas including timing and type of surgical intervention; conservative vs aggressive resection; and long term surveillance plan. The purpose of this study is to provide some insight on the management of such tumors.

Methods & Results:
After IRB approval, a retrospective review of all pediatric odontogenic tumors treated at Cincinnati children's hospital between 2014 and 2020 was performed. 13 patients were identified. Our management protocol consisted of a conservative approach with enucleation and curettage combined with peripheral ostectomy. An incisional biopsy was not obtained prior to proceeding to the operating room, to minimize the number of anesthesias/operations to the child. Teeth directly embedded in the tumor were removed enbloc with the specimen. All patients were successfully treated with no recurrence of the tumor. Our mean follow up is 2 years.

Pediatric odontogenic tumors can be successfully treated with a conservative approach with one surgery only. This mitigates the physical and emotional risks of repeated trips to the operating room and decreases surgical costs with fewer operations. Children and parents also benefit from fewer missed school days or workdays and decreased total recovery time. Disadvantages of this approach include the lack of a definitive histologic diagnosis at the time of tumor excision and the need to extract teeth involved in the lesion.

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