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OVSPS Disclaimers

The Ohio Valley Society of Plastic Surgeons Website is intended to provide a list of our surgeons and to promote communication among our members. This site will be primarily used for disseminating information to its members about the annual conference and upcoming events related to the society. It may also serve as a means for the public to locate a board certified plastic surgeon. The Society does not recommend any individual surgeon. Information on this web site is not a substitute for consultation with a plastic surgeon, nor is it the only source of board certified plastic surgeons qualified to perform plastic and cosmetic surgery. This Society is neither a licensing, nor a censoring body. Use of information on this site is for the benefit of our members and the public. Reproduction of any part of this web site for anything other than personal use must include a citation to the Ohio Valley Society of Plastic Surgeons. Use of the name or logo of the Society is proprietary and requires prior written permission. The content of any articles or other written matter on this web site expresses the opinion of the author, not necessarily the opinion of the executive committee or other members of the Society.

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